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Tantric erotic massage is one way of expressing one's feelings. A man and a woman learn to trust each other, give attention and enjoy their partner, gratefully accept what a loved one does. At the same time, there is an exchange of male and female energy, their relations become more harmonious and sensual. Such an erotic massage can become an integral part of a love game, which will help to release sexual energy. Regular practice expands the sexual capabilities of both partners, exacerbates feelings, strengthens mutual attraction.

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Erotic massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Tantra massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Nuru is a type of erotic bodywork in which one or more providers rub their body against the clients' body.


Please let us know about your dreams and inquire about other services. We can make a session upon your individual requests.

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Call +1-917-940-1585 Manhattan Studio Sexy Girls Services in NYC area
Tantra Erotic massage Manhattan NYC Studio + Useful info
Call +1-917-940-1585 Manhattan Studio Sexy Girls Services in NYC area

Tantra Erotic massage - Manhattan NYC Studio

Tantric massage is good for human health.

1. Improves blood circulation.
2. The body is completely relaxed.
3. Muscle tension is removed.
4. The nervous system and the mind are calming down.
5. There is a recovery and rejuvenation of the whole body.

How to prepare correctly

Before you start practice, you need to talk with your partner. Not every person is ready to open and relax so much. It may take time for your partner to accept this. As soon as the agreement is received, you can start. There are a number of important points to consider. First you need to create a suitable environment. The room should be warm, quiet and cozy. You can turn on soft soft music. Nothing should distract and interfere. It is advisable to dim the light or turn it off altogether, to light the candles. You can use scented candles, essential oils (aphrodisiacs), which contribute to exacerbation of sensuality. This can be sandalwood, patchouli, jasmine, ylang-ylang, ginger, bergamot.

How to do Tantric massage

Massage rules:

1. Tantric massage implies full exposure of both partners. Clothes should not interfere.
2. Do not distract each other by talking. It is better to focus on your feelings and thoughts.
3. Breathing should be smooth and slow. It is necessary to synchronize breathing, which will promote unity.
4. Massage is used for oil, which must be preheated beforehand. The oil can be chosen any to your taste.
5. Your movements should be smooth and unhurried. During the touch, energy is exchanged. Listening to the feelings of a partner, you can understand what he likes and what does not.
6. You can not cause pain. If someone is uncomfortable, then you should not keep silent about it. It is better to speak directly about what you do not like.
7. You can massage absolutely any part of the body. But at the same time it is necessary to control sexual energy, so as not to move ahead of time to the climax of completion.

Technique of erotic massage

Begin a massage in the supine position. "The masseur" should be located in such a way as not to experience discomfort during the procedure. In this case, you can move around the partner, so that all areas of the body are not ignored.

1. Begin with a massage of the back and trapezium.
2. Do not forget about hands and brushes.
3. Particular attention is paid to the lumbar region. It is here that sexual energy is concentrated.
4. Next, you need to massage the gluteal region, legs and feet to the fingertips.
5. Lying on your back, you can stroke your chest, stomach and crotch. End the session by stimulating erogenous zones.

Effects are possible the most diverse: stroking, tingling, kneading, patting. You can use kisses, touch the partner with different parts of the body. The main thing is to give pleasure. What to do - tell your imagination and your own desires.

Nuru massage

Technique of Nuru massage

Nuru massage is unique in that when exposed to every centimeter of the client's body, the masseuse delivers an unforgettable pleasure without contacting directly, but conveying to him the incredible message of a sexual impulse. Having received deep knowledge in ancient times, the Japanese are now well aware that the unique peaks of ecstasy are attainable even without intimacy. The body is touched by the hands, replacing them with pleasant roundnesses of the chest and thighs, reducing the partner from the mind sensual touches.

The technique of erotic Nuru massage involves a massage of the male or female body by the partner's body, in which both partners must be completely naked. And this is another important feature of the procedure. Slipping hands and body in all secluded places brings incredibly pleasant sensations, removing the accumulated stress and general tension. A distinctive feature of the technique is the play of contrasts, when the cool gel comes in contact with the heated skin, and gentle glides bring closer and distract the desired moment of ecstasy.

Erotic Nuru massage will help you to transform your sexual activities with a partner in real pleasure. After an amazing session, thoughts will be cleared, you will immediately feel a powerful surge of new physical and spiritual forces. Incredibly tender Thai massage will give you bright emotions, open new forms of pleasure and bring a touch of full relaxation in a series of gray everyday life.

Features of massage for men: The prostate gland is the second heart of a man responsible for his health, including sexual. Diseases of this organ are capable of causing great trouble. The most dangerous of them is cancer. For the prevention of prostate diseases it is useful to perform massage of this organ. This procedure is quite intimate. In addition to being useful, the man is very pleased with it. The procedure is performed by the middle finger in gloves, you can use a fingertip. The finger is pre-lubricated with oil. Massage is carried out through the anus from the periphery to the center of the gland. Manipulation should be carried out very carefully. If there is pain - it is an alarming sign, requiring consultation of a urologist or andrologist.

Features of massage for women: During menstruation, many women experience quite strong discomfort. The mood in this period is very changeable, irritability and spleen often appear. Tantric massage will help to relax and reduce pain. The emphasis is on the elaboration of the lumbosacral and the buttock area. First you need to do stroking, which helps improve blood circulation and warm up soft tissues. Then you can exert a stronger impact. After that, the thumbs of the hands should be intensively pressed on the symmetrical points along the spine in the area of the lower lumbar vertebrae and sacrum. Thus, practicing tantric massage can improve family relationships, learn something new about yourself, about your partner. This will make you feel young and healthy at any age.

New York City can be called a world of bachelors or a paradise for lovers, it all depends on the point of view. Here live more than 4 million single men and women, and almost two-thirds of them seek to marry. The inhabitants of the city are friendly, sociable and inclined to talk with strangers. Not without reason, American small talk refers to one of the main features of the local character.

Try to come to New York, stop at a crowded intersection and, unfolding the map, go deeper into its study. Exactly after 10 seconds you will have a friendly suggestion behind your shoulder to help you in your predicament. Do not have time to answer, as another shoulder will have another amiable assistant with his "exclusive" opinion on how best to walk a few blocks or find a metro station that is around the corner. To accept a proposal for help - decide for yourself. Maybe it's better not to hurry, because at an adjacent crossroads an even more interesting meeting is likely.

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The psychology of a man decides much. Yes, many guys already have the kind of signboard of an erotic salon to catch fire inside! But the best way is to "get into the taste" before the body to body massage, especially if you are constantly thinking about methods of increasing profits, or where it is better to repair the suspension.

If you want to be properly delayed after a hard workday - it is best to take a Tantra or Nuruprogram with a long relaxing or classical Lingam massage to smoothly rearrange yourself from the routine to the exciting atmosphere of relaxation.

Nuru & Tantra Erotic massage in FiDi Manhattan NYC Studio for your pleasure & health