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I am Diana, a beautiful member of Briolette Tanta Studio, inviting you today to escape the stresses of daily life and explore the journey of blissful relaxation. Let me take the worries away with my touch, and help you restore and replenish the energy levels. Personally I believe in true and genuine connection between individuals, and love making new friends. I host in private and upscale studio, conveniently located in Upper East Side. Please call or text the phone number provided to schedule an appointment with me, and let me show you the magic of Tantra on your body and soul. Visit my website to learn more about me and meet my friends.. We are always looking forward to meeting new people and make your day better with our sensual and caring touch. Briolette Tantra & Nuru Erotic massage in New York City, NYC

Our studio is private, with shower available on premises, the location is safe and convenient. Visit us, and let us take the stress of daily life away. We promise - you will want to come back for more.

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Erotic massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Tantra massage session is a perfect way to relax as our beautiful ladies focus on providing you with ultimate pleasure.


Nuru is a type of erotic bodywork in which one or more providers rub their body against the clients' body.


Please let us know about your dreams and inquire about other services. We can make a session upon your individual requests.

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Call +1-917-940-1585 Manhattan Studio Sexy Girls Services in NYC area

Erotic massage in New York + Useful information
Call +1-917-940-1585 Manhattan Studio Sexy Girls Services in NYC area

Why Manhattan NYC Studio is the best for Erotic massage in Manhattan?

Features of massage for women: During menstruation, many women experience quite strong discomfort. The mood in this period is very changeable, irritability and spleen often appear. Tantric massage will help to relax and reduce pain. The emphasis is on the elaboration of the lumbosacral and the buttock area. First you need to do stroking, which helps improve blood circulation and warm up soft tissues. Then you can exert a stronger impact. After that, the thumbs of the hands should be intensively pressed on the symmetrical points along the spine in the area of the lower lumbar vertebrae and sacrum. Thus, practicing tantric massage can improve family relationships, learn something new about yourself, about your partner. This will make you feel young and healthy at any age.

New York City can be called a world of bachelors or a paradise for lovers, it all depends on the point of view. Here live more than 4 million single men and women, and almost two-thirds of them seek to marry. The inhabitants of the city are friendly, sociable and inclined to talk with strangers. Not without reason, American small talk refers to one of the main features of the local character.

Try to come to New York, stop at a crowded intersection and, unfolding the map, go deeper into its study. Exactly after 10 seconds you will have a friendly suggestion behind your shoulder to help you in your predicament. Do not have time to answer, as another shoulder will have another amiable assistant with his "exclusive" opinion on how best to walk a few blocks or find a metro station that is around the corner. To accept a proposal for help - decide for yourself. Maybe it's better not to hurry, because at an adjacent crossroads an even more interesting meeting is likely.

Nuru & Tantra Erotic massage in FiDi Manhattan NYC Studio for your pleasure & health